How To Make Cute Stylish Sunglasses – DIY

Do you adore fashion accessories? If you do, you have landed on the correct page. The DIY idea that we have today for you is a pair of DIY stylish sunglasses that you can rock with your killer outfit and fashionable look. Yes we will show you how to turn your old fashion-less sunglasses into a million dollar look! Let’s not waste any more time…

 What You Need: a old pair of one colour glasses, preferably black, pencil, pluckers, adhesive (strong glue), beads, strong paper (Thick or Manila paper)

 Process: Begin by drawing on the thick piece of paper (Manila paper) a rough drawing of your sun glasses using the pencil. Actually to get the correct size, trace the sunglasses on the paper. The next step involves placement of beads on the rough drawing. This process will help you achieve the correct style and the shape you wish your sunglasses to take. Once the layout you have come up with/formed is appealing to you, the next step involves placement of the beads on the glasses. To make them stick on the glasses, start applying the glue on the back of the beads and on the position where the beads will go. Now use the pluckers to stick into place the beads. Carefully and continuously follow the pattern of your design and fill up the sun glasses with the beads. You can use crystal beads that are of different shapes and designs. At the end of the process you will have a awesome pair of sun glasses that you now have to rock and look absolutely stunning! Enjoy!!!

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