How To Make A Floating Bed – DIY Home Project

Creative DIY Ideas can be found everywhere in your home. Craft projects also cover the bedroom area and by carrying out amazing home projects you can make your home an ideal one. DIY projects are fun art projects that you can do at home. Home ideas such as a floating bed are wonderful Practik Ideas to give a try. Let’s learn how you can make a floating bed with a few materials and without using too much money.


  • drill
  • cordless screwdriver
  • screws
  • callipers
  • round hammock
  • round mattress
  • strong industrial ropes
  • steelsScrew hooks


  • Start by selecting the place in the cement/wooden ceiling that will support the bed.
  • Use a marker to draw the position where the bed will be secured in place.
  • Use the drill to make the holes that will hold the bed in place. Make eight holes in the cement or wooden ceiling.
  • Use the cordless screw driver to drive in the eight steel screw hooks in to place. You can strengthen their support by placing cement inside the holes you drilled (in instances where the holes are too big).
  • Tie the pieces of the strong industrial ropes on different position of the hammock.
  • Now tighten the ropes on the hooks and make sure the ropes are tight enough. Do not leave any sagging ropes.
  • Your hammock should be secured by now and swinging from side to side.
  • Place on the mattress and cover it up with beddings and a pillow and your DIY Floating Bed is ready! Enjoy!!!


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