Make A Small Garden And Grow 100 Pounds Of Potatoes

Love gardening? Want to grow a cute little potatoes garden but you don’t have space for that? We have the perfect tip for you: grow potatoes vertically instead of spreading them out in rows. The method is really simple: start by planting the potatoes on the bottom of the garden in one layer. You have to board up the parts (sides) for each layer. Also, as the plants grow you can add dirt as you go higher for each layer. You will have new potatoes growing on the top of the layers and you can remove the boards from the bottom layer and carefully dig out the potatoes that are ready for harvesting. Put the dirt back in the box and board it up again. You will have to move up and harvest each layer as the potatoes are ready. To make sure that you have everything for this DIY gardening project and also to make sure that you have all the good information to grow beautiful potatoes you can also find bellow some pictures to help you become an awesome gardener.




Photo Credit: http://tipnut.com/grow-potatoes/


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