Easy DIY Mason Jar Crafts: For Kids on Christmas & Halloween

Have a bunch of mason jars at home from leftover foods and tasty smoothies? You might not be aware of just how versatile these jars are and can be used outside of the kitchen! Mason jars have quickly evolved from just a simple canning necessity to an essential wedding decoration, easy craft project base, and overall country home staple.

There is truly no limit to what you can create from a Mason jar. So, we’ve decided to go on a mission to find the top best mason jar craft ideas you can find online to make full use of those extra jars laying around the kitchen.

65 Easy DIY Mason Jar Crafts for Kids on Christmas & Halloween

1. Mondrian Inspired Mason Jars

These Mondrian jars are really cute ideas and best part is that they are not even hard to make! You can decorate your room or a shelf with several of these fun artist-inspired DIY jars. Making them is fun and easy for teens, kids, and even adults. This DIY craft look great in just about any room in the house to give a pop of creative color.

2. Dream Jar

Ever heard of dream jars? These pretty little jars are not just for decoration, but it also serves a neat purpose. You can write your dreams down and store them in this jar. Few years down the road, you can open it up and have a fun time reminiscing your dreams and youth. This DIY project is also a nice gift idea for girlfriends, too!

3. DIY Fancy Mason Jar Tumbler

Why spend so much money on an overrated Starbucks tumbler when you can make this fun mason jar coffee cup with a touch of personality? You can even customize it exactly the way you want it with your favorite words or phrases like “I’m so fancy”.

This would also make an amazing Mother’s Day gift idea or a fun crafty weekend with your friends. They are also the perfect Christmas gift idea. Nobody can say no to a cool DIY mason jar tumbler like this.

4. DIY Lace Mason Jar

Want to make your room a little more romantic? Why not add this beautiful lace mason jar luminary that’s easy to make from Mod Podge and lace fabric?

5. Fishnet Wrapped Mason Jar

Need a little reminder of the beach and happy times while you’re stuck at work in the office? You can place this beachy craft idea that would look great on your work desk. It doesn’t even necessarily have to be a beachy look, either. It is entirely up to you how you want to decorate it. Tie a few knots with a rope for this near look and place a candle inside or use it as a pencil cup or storage for other small craft items.

6. Lettered Mason Jars

This rustic, shabby chic-looking jar is super easy to make and will look awesome just about anywhere. You can even spell out a special message to make these a perfect gift for someone you love.

7. Mason Jar Aquarium

Mason jar aquariums are fun jar ideas for kids to make at home. This is also an amazing idea for tween girls or younger ones to show off their fish in a simple, easy, and cheap way!

8. DIY Star Etched Mason Jar

Subtle mason jar lighting is super popular right now and for very good reasons! They’re pretty, inexpensive, and creative. This cool and crafty idea is even super easy to make as a creative DIY gift.

9. Hand Painted Mason Jar Lanterns

These pretty boho painted mason jars are quick and cheap to make. There are no rules to make these and you can show off your artistic flair and creativity with this idea. You can even impress all your friends and family this Christmas when you have a couple of these stunning hand painted mason jar lanterns on display.

10. Easy DIY Mason Jar Terrarium

These little terrariums are super easy to put together and would make a great activity for kids. They look amazing on desks, end tables, or anywhere you want to have a little bit of greenery. For those who don’t have green thumbs, you can also opt for the faux route to make sure these jar terrariums stay green all year round.

11. Stained Glass with Sharpies

You don’t have to deal with dangerous glass pieces to create a stained-glass decoration in your house. You can even make them with sharpies and mason jars. However, like any permanent market, Sharpies will stain clothing, floors, and furniture. So do make sure you’re dressed appropriately and protect your work surface while using them.

12. Mason Jar Hearts Lantern

Spice up your room with a few of these romantic jars. They’re so beautiful and simple to make. Add some fairy lights and you’re ready for an evening of romance to celebrate a special occasion.

13. Mason Jar Techno Tiki Torch

These DIY tiki torches are beautiful decorations suitable for late summer parties, camping trips, and even festivals. They’re the perfect way to set the mood with LED torches that glow and animate in any color. And since these torches don’t have flames, they’re safe to use anywhere, even indoors!

14. Mason Jar Chimes

This DIY craft involves glass cutting and may not be suitable for the younger ones. Nonetheless, those with a bottle cutter will enjoy upcycling their mason jars to create beautiful wind chimes that’s perfect for spring and outdoor décor.

15. DIY Rustic Mason Jar Sconce

Wall art may be so variable. Other than reusing wine bottles, you can even reuse a ½ pint mason jar. All you need is a heavy leather strap and a piece of reclaimed wood to create this beautiful wall décor for you to put your favorite flowers in.

16. Mason Jar Table Lamp

You can paint, glaze, fill, freeze, and even add a ribbon to these DIY ideas to create the perfect table lamp for your room. It is so simple that you can turn this into an easy weekend project with your little ones.

17. Composition Book Mason Jar

The perfect gift for writers or schoolteachers. This desk organizer idea lets you store pens and pencils in a mason jar that’s painted like a school composition.

18. Mirrored Mason Jar Mercury Glass

It is so easy to turn a regular glass jar into a mirrored mason jar. All you need is a can of Krylon Looking Glass Spray Paint to create these. To get really fancy, you can spray a couple of coats of paints inside, then spritz lightly with vinegar. Then reapply a few more coats of paint inside the jar for a mottled mercury glass look.

19. Mason Jar Topiary Trees

Don’t have green fingers but want a little greenery in your house? Then it’s time to get crafty and create your own mason jar topiary tree! Attach a greenery ball onto the top of the stick and place them in a painted mason jar for a unique DIY décor.

20. Mason Jar Bathroom Organizers

This is one of my favorite ways to freshen up or completely change the feel of a bathroom’s décor with a pop of color. These mason jars even work as the perfect organizer that an hold everything from cotton pads to toothbrushes.

21. Mason jar Soap Dispenser

Other than holding physical items, you can even put in some hand washing liquid and attach a soap dispensing pump to the cap to create a beautiful, DIY soap dispenser for your kitchen or bathroom.

22. Rose Gold Mason Jar Vase

Spray paint these glass mason jar with rose gold to create a modern and chic flower vase to decorate your living room or kitchen countertop.

23. DIY Mason Jar Succulents

DIY mason jar succulents are super easy to make and only require a few simple supplies. It is worth noting that succulents are a little sensitive to changes and cannot be overwatered. Though they’re not high maintenance, they do need a little TLC now and then.

24. Mason Jar Covered in Twine

Spring is the perfect time for picnic tables and patio dining. Whether you’re throwing a garden party or treating your family to an al fresco lunch, these recycled mason jars will look perfect in your garden. Breathe new life into your glass jars with some twine and decorative ribbon.

25. Citronella Mason Jar Candles

Summertime may also mean the return of the creepy crawlies! One easy and inexpensive way to get rid of the bugs is by making these easy and inexpensive DIY citronella candles. They’re perfect for decorating your house with a hint of pleasant citronella smell.

26. Knitting Jar

Knitting and crocheting is beginning to make a comeback as a popular past time hobby. For those interested in these crafts, you’re going to need a somewhere to hold all your crocheting and knitting needles. You can even knit your glass jars little winter jackets to decorate them.

27. Aged Glass Mason Jar Project

Add a bit of antique glam to these mason jars with an “aged” look. These jar projects will look amazing in the living room with a couple of flowers in them.

28. Polka Dot Jars

Your daughter will love bringing this glass jar tumbler to school. It’s so adorable and makes for the perfect way to sip a refreshing drink on a hot afternoon.

29. Color Block Chalkboard Mason Jars

This is a crafty idea that’s cute and functional. What better gift for friends with serious case of OCD with a table organizer to hold all their office supplies? You can even paint them with clear chalkboard paint to write and draw on them as you like.

30. Pencil Sharpener Jar

Sharpener jars allows modern creativity to quantify their creative output. Just by looking at the amount of pencil shavings act will have you feeling accomplished at all the work you have done for the day.

31. DIY Glitter Mason Jar

Who doesn’t love glitter? Well, honestly, glitters are a love-hate thing since it can get super messy! Nonetheless, it cannot be denied that adding glitter to your jar can refresh and breathe new life into a burned-out item.

32. Faux Beach Glass Jars

Use glass paint to turn these mason jar lanterns into a faux beach glass theme. These will look especially gorgeous with tea lights placed inside.

33. Lid Coasters

Whether you’ve put your mason jars to use as a vase of pencil holder, you can also turn leftover jar lids into project of their own. Mix and match pieces of fabric and put them to good use on the coffee table as coasters.

34. Mason Jar Pour Spout

Want to pour a teaspoon of flour and all of a sudden, the entire can comes flowing out onto your countertop? We’ve been there and we know how frustrating that is. This neat mason jar craft will ensure you always drain just the right amount of cooking supplement you need without all the mess.

35. Welcome Sign


Matching glass vases against a wooden base will give your entryway hall a fresh appeal with this DIY mason jar craft idea.

36. Magnetic Mason Jar Storage

Never waste precious storage space by attaching your mason jar organizer underneath your shelves. This ingenious method only requires a few magnets to help you maximize your space in the kitchen,

37. Air Freshener

This shabby chic craft may trick you into thinking it’s just a normal vase, but it’s actually full of air freshener beads underneath the artificial flowers. This little thing will make your place look beautiful and smelling sweet in no time!

38. Picture Frame Vase

Make your vase extra special by displaying your favorite family photo in them.

39. Utensil Caddy

These flatware holders will help you up your picnic game and make garden lunches and porch dinners so much easier.

40. Travel Bank

Turn your mason jar into a mini coin bank for you to count down and save up for your next vacation!

41. Bird Feeder

You can even attach some bird feed and turn this mason jar lid into a bird feeder to attract your favorite flocks into your garden.

42. Snack Packs

Attach an old fruit cup container to a mason jar to make brown bagged lunches a little more interesting every day.

43. DIY Tissue Dispenser

Ever find it super difficult to find a tissue box that fits your preferred décor? Stop wasting so much time strolling down the tissue aisle by making your own DIY tissue holder with a mason jar.

44. Sewing Kit

This DIY mason jar craft will let you keep your sewing supplies all ready. You can even equip it with a DIY pincushion lid on top to hold your needles.

45. Candy Jars

Take your candy bar at your next party to a whole new level with this cute DIY project. All you need are some mason jars, plastic toy animals, and paint!

46. Twine Dispenser

Mason jars are also a neat way to help you keep you craft room ridy by storing everything you need from washi tape to buttons. But we really love this DIY project as it makes it super easy to organize and dispense your twine.

47. Salt and Pepper Shakers

These salt and pepper shakers might just be the easiest DIY project to pull off ever. Just grab a nail and a hammer and hammer some holes on the lid and you’re all set.

48. Photo Frame

Switch up the way you display your family photos with this Mason jar craft idea.

49. Matchbox

It is time to throw your standard matchbox away and opt for this adorable option instead. You can even create a small hole on the lid to make it easier for you to slide a matchstick out.

50. Spice Holder

Growing tired of hundreds of miscellaneous spice containers in your kitchen cabinet? It is time to ditch them and opt for a more organized way to store your spices. The chalkboard top even makes it easy for you to spot what you’re looking for.

51. Pendant Light Fixture

What will look better hanging over your farmhouse table than a cluster of DIY mason jar lights? While this may be a tad bit more challenging, they’re definitely a conversation starter for any gatherings in your kitchen.

52. Cupcake Liner Storage

Are you a baker with a ton of leftover cupcake liners lying around? Did you know mason jars are the perfect size to help you keep them organized?

53. Individual Bread Dish

This idea is for carb-lovers out there. Mix in your favorite ingredients into the jar and create perfectly portioned dinner rolls.

54. Leftover Paint Containers

No more clunky paint cans taking up all the space in your garage anymore. Instead, you can pour them in labeled jars for easy storage and identification for when you need to do some touchups.

55. Escort Cards

Ditch traditional paper escort cards and use Mason jars decorated with chalkboard stickers instead for the perfect accompaniment to your country wedding. Your wedding guests can even take their jars home as party favors.

56. Wine Glasses

Combine old crystal candlesticks with mason jars to create an incredibly unique and one of the most countrified wine glasses anyone’s ever seen.

57. Snow Globe

Sure, these are a natural fit for the holidays. But we simply love how this mason jar idea lets you showcase your favorite scenes all year long.

58. DIY Macrame Mason Jar Plant Hanger

Macrame is super trendy right now and there’s no better way to use it other than for a plant hanger! Add a mason jar to it and you’ve got yourself a perfect DIY to spruce up your space.

59. DIY Cupcake Holder

We get it! It took you hours to make cupcakes for someone’s birthday or a special occasion only to watch all your energy and time wasted when they get smashed or ruined during transporting process. This useful DIY cupcake holder is sure to keep your cupcakes safe all the way till the party.

60. DIY Glow in the Dark Jar

Kids will love this project. This DIY glow in the dark jar looks just like a jar filled with hundreds of fireflies. They can be used indoor to deter monsters and ease your child into bed or as a nighttime outdoor décor.

61. DIY Silverware Holder

This unique DIY silverware holder is perfect for outdoor entertaining. Place all your forks, spoons, and knives in individual mason jars before transporting them outside. This holder will help you save plenty of time the next time you need to bring all your dishware out to the garden.

62. DIY Mason Jar Pendant Light

Replace the light fixture over your dining table with a handmade rustic pendant light that will surely be a conversation starter. This innovative mason jar light is perfect for those who love farmhouse style.

63. DIY Emoji Mason Jars

Children love making these emoji containers for their rooms. This project also makes for the perfect afternoon activity. Simply prepare several small mason jars and some paint for your kids to recreate their favorite emoji.

64. DIY Memory Jar

Write down all your memories on a piece of paper and place them in the jar. Open them up at the end of the year and reflect on all that has happened and all that you’ve achieved. You can also go back and add new memories from the previous year and read your old ones.

65. Gilded Centerpiece

You can paint a bunch of mason jars and group them together to create an easy DIY centerpiece at a holiday or special occasion dinner. Add some flowers and utensils in others for a functional and beautiful décor.


We’ve finally come to the end of our list for the best 65 mason jar craft ideas. We hope that our article today has given you some inspiration and got your creative juices flowing to start a home DIY project with the hundreds of glass jars at home.

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