The Miesrolo Chair – The First Cantilever Roll Up Chair

Designed by Uros Vitas of the University of Belgrade, the innovative chair is beautifully handcrafted from meticulously-carved wood. It looks good enough to be used as home furniture. He created the first roll-up cantilever chair that achieves strength, balance and flexibility.  The Miesrolo Chair is handcrafted of meticulously carved wood strategically spaced on a synthetic elastomer to achieve its features.


The Miesrolo Chair is configured in such a way that it can both support the weight of an adult and roll up into storage. What’s remarkable about the Miesrolo Chair though is the fact that it’s the first ever roll-up cantilever chair. A cantilever chair is one with no back legs and depends on the strength and balance of the chair to support the weight of the user.






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