Moon Shaped Baby Crib


You and your baby will love this crib with a unique shape of a crescent moon. This baby crib has a unique and cool design made from natural wood. Although is made of simple materials with a rustic touch the look of this wooden crib is very attractive. It looks very funny with beautiful shape and its handmade. The Moon Cradle is specially design to bring sweetness, poetry and comfort in the early days of your baby. The dimensions are:  117 cm X 117 cm and it is for 27 kilograms maxim. The cradle its made from wooden pallets. Each board has been sanded and worked one by one. It is around 900 Euro but I think every baby deserves this.

moon-cradle-praktic ideas-2

Source: http://www.cremeanglaise.bigcartel.com/product/mini-royal-bird-a-pois


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  1. sabah says:

    How much that’s moon bed, can you tell me plz

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