Multifunctional Chairs and Accessories to Make You Comfortable

Now a day, you need to have in your home multifunctional furniture. For example, the chair should be able to turn into a mini bed where you can read a book or even take a nap. The bed should turn into an armchair so you can save space and even the kitchen table should turn into an practical office where you can do your work. Bellow, you can find two of my favorite multifunctional furniture:
– What about a big pillow that can be folded, wrapped, twisted as much as you like? And if it is 360° useful? Any time you need a break, snooze or a little bit of sweet idleness, Blandito fits your body hugging it, yet retaining its shape and nature. It contains a flexible frame, making it soft and malleable. Its cover can be removed and is machine washable.


 – Moody Nest can be a intimate napping spot or a wonderful couch. The size of the textile cover and its simple pattern enable all shapes and forms. Moody Nest was created with the intention to provide an especially intense feeling of comfort, warmth and intimacy.





flying carpet




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