Make An Orange Peel Candle

I love candles!!! All type of candles: small, big, different shapes, different colors, different scents. So, today I am bringing to you how to make an orange peel candle. Just follow the few steps bellow and you will have a “homemade” candle in no time. /all you need is: an orange, olive oil and matches.

1. First, you have to cut the orange in half and separate the fruit from the peel, leaving the peel intact.

2. Trim gently the wick and fill the bottom with olive oil.

3. Set the orange on a plate and let the oil soak into the peel. You have to let it soak for a few hours.

4. Light your candle. Don’t worry and be patient. At firs you will be using around 10 matches to light it.

5. Enjoy!!!


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