Organize Your Pantry: DIY Lazy Susan Pantry

Not everyone is happy to show off their pantry especially knowing that the pantry is the last place where we go to organize. Nonetheless, if you have some spare time and you don’t like the way your pantry looks, there are plenty of DIY fun art projects that you can do and change the image of your pantry. DIY ideas such as DIY Lazy Susan Pantry are fun projects to do at home and revamp your old and “ugly” stocked pantry into a refreshing well stocked pantry that motivates you every time you have to go there and get something. These craft ideas are basic yet elaborate practical ideas that are easy to do and will cost you almost next to nothing to do them! Let’s make a DIY Lazy Susan Pantry now…

First and foremost you need to get the materials necessary for the pantry makeover. Some of these materials include: wooden discs, standard dividers, screw, turntable swivels, swivel posts, tall dividers, Base-length B and Base length A.

 Construction: If you can, get discs that are 20 inches in diameter and install them. You first have to start by drilling holes and screwing the discs on the position you wish for them to settle. Wooden discs are the best choice as they have the ability of holding a lot of weight and they will not break or come off the screws. To make the discs hold almost anything, you have to use a simple yet sophisticated system to hold your Lazy Susan Pantry. Start from the bottom and work your way up. Place the Base Length A in position followed by the Base length B. Use the tall dividers to hold the base and swivel posts into position. Now you can screw in the turntable swivels and screw in the standard dividers, after guarantying that the structure is now secure, screw in the disks and you are ready to go! You now have a DIY Lazy Susan Pantry and swivels around and you can access the cans or boxes of products that have been tucked away in the corner without having to take out other ingredients first. Enjoy!!!

lazy-susan-pantry-praktic-ideasPhoto Courtesy: Lazy Susan Pantry




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