Outdoor Ceramic Solar Fountain…..Your Own Garden Waterfall

You can decorate your garden in any way you want but there is one accessory, elegant I must say, that cannot miss from any garden.  With these beautiful outdoor ceramic fountain you can create a very relaxing atmosphere designed to bring the beauty of nature to your backyard. This amazing fountain will fit perfect in your yard, balcony or patio, and you can have it in different colors like blue, green, grey or all other color combination you can think off.  You can charge these outdoor ceramic fountain with solar power. The fountain includes: a solar powered cascading fountain with a wrapped line design, a separate solar panel.


Water tumbles from one glazed ceramic vessel to another and then water is recycled through a hidden water pump with filter. The solar panel can be placed up to 16ft from the water fountain. The bowls are fixed on frame that is made from an weather-resistant metal and is easy to maintenance. If you want to have one just for yourself you can find it on Amazon at a very great price.








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