Little Pandas Cupcakes

We are bringing you something a little bit different: Little Pandas Cupcakes.  These cupcakes will make “wonders” if you are planning to have a party for your kids or why not for you, too. First of all make 12 cupcakes like it says on the packaging (package bought from the local store). I prefer chocolate cupcakes because chocolate is so gooooood. After you baked the little cupcakes let them cool. Meanwhile prepare an icing for the panda cupcakes.  Press some icing on each cupcake. After that take a bowl of sugar and press each cupcake into this bowl. Use chocolate chips to make the eyes, ears and nose of the panda cupcake. Use chocolate sprinkles to make the mouth of the pandas. To make the details of the eyes, you can use edible ink pens on white confetti’s. You can serve the panda cupcakes with milk or ice-cream. To discover all the ingredients and all the instructions follow the link bellow:

Delicious Little Pandas Cupcakes





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