Use Papaya For Uric Acid Problem

You can try papaya if you got uric acid. You can try it even if you don’t have it. Effective result: mix green papaya cubes with regular green tea. Specialists say that after one week of drinking this “papaya-green-tea” you can see improvement and after two weeks of drinking this magic potion the toe joints heal. Papaya is good even for the people who have gout. The magic mixture is: one green papaya cut into small cubes. Place this cubes into water, boil and when it start’s to boil ad tea leaves. You can use the papaya as an natural tea pot: first of all cut the top of the papaya, take out the seeds and make a small hole in the upper side wall. Put in the tea leaves┬ápour in boiling water. After that you have to place the top cover back on the papaya. A papaya is fully mature around 4 months. Green papaya is best when is approximately tree months old. You can also cook papaya: cute the papaya into small cubes and boil it together with the ribs or cook it with garlic.


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