Make Party Hats From Plastic Plates

Every kid in the world likes to go to party’s and also to wear funny hats. But not every parent can afford to buy party hats for all the kids at the party. But instead of buying them why not making them?!?! All you need to make a party hat is a paper plate and a pair of scissors, no glue no glitter. These simple plastic hats can be decorated by kids at the party.  To get started just fold the plate in half and cut the hole for the head. Once you have the first cut made, you can then decide what you want your hat decoration to be. Once you’re done, open it up and decorate it any way you like. And this is it!!!! Your child will love it!!!! Get started!!!!


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  1. Giuliana - 9+1Style says:

    many original and funny ideas!! cute!

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