Plant Flowers In Old Barrels – Will Look Amazing

In general, barrels are used to store different things: starting with alcohol up to food. But you can also use barrels as indoor and outdoor decorations as planters because it is large enough to fit all your favorite pants. Making this yard planter does not require any special expertise. If you have planted flowers in a flower pot before, you can master arranging flowers in a barrel planter. Follow this steps bellow and you will see that is not that hard. You can place the new flower pot in any areas of your yard or garden, in your porch or just anywhere else you feel like. 


You will need to cut the barrel in half. You will have to drill holes through both ends of the barrel.  Place rocks or gravel at the bottom part of the barrel.  A couple of inches will be good enough to provide drainage.  Use potting soil to fill in the barrel all the way to a couple of inches to the top. Plant your flowers of choice as specified. So there you have it!! Your home made flower pot made from an old barrel.










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