Plant A Potted Pineapple

Do you like pineapple and want to have one in your home all year long? If yes, than just follow this simple steps bellow:

Step 1. Cut the top of the pineapple, keeping a few inches of the husk.

Step 2. Place the part of the crown within a container with water for three days, in lit.

Step 3. Plant the crown in a big  jar. Even if you don’t visualize the little roots when you are planting, don’t worry, they will still develop.

Step 4. After 24 months (sounds better than 2 years 🙂 ), your plant will be ready to be harvested. Try not to overreact with irrigation: the pineapple plant can be watered twice a week right in the middle of the crown, as long as it is inside your house.


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