Practical Ideas For Awkward Kitchen Spaces: Corner Drawers

The kitchen is “a city” that functions on its own tucked in our homes. Why you ask? Have you ever considered the amount of appliances, cookware and the number of gadgets that you keep buying to help you do something in the kitchen? Yes the kitchen will always cause you headache when it comes to organizing it and placing everything in order. Don’t you just get a chill down your spin whenever you think about the never ending accessories, boxes, bags and endless cans of food that you have crammed up in literary every space that is available? Fortunately for you, some brilliant chaps caught up in the same predicament came up with this brilliant space saving idea which is not only unique but innovative organizational techniques that are heaven sent and well designed to help us solve dilemmas in the kitchen. From sorting out your pots and pans, re-organizing a walk in pantry that was nothing short of messy you now have access to some of the best and funny kitchen space saving idea for those awkward kitchen spaces: corner drawers.

Ingenious corner drawers offer a creative solution if you are sick and tired of the cliché (awkward drawers). As you can see from the photo, the drawers run diagonally into the corner and this ingenious creative solution has created more room as the drawers now run deeper that the standard drawers and this makes them pack a bigger storage punch! Now you have enough room to store your cutlery. Silverware and any kitchen appliance that could fit in the drawers due to lack of space. Get inspired with the little photo gallery bellow and make your very own corner drawers. Enjoy!!!







Photo Credit: http://dornob.com


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