Practical Ideas On How To Build A Loft Bed – DIY

Your teenager needs a lot of space but also storage ideas in his/her room. Create him/her the perfect space that he/she needs and they will be more than happy. This DIY loft bed that I’ve found on “Ana White Homemaker” blog is perfect for studying, storage and also for sleeping. You can craft it using wood frames and also a ladder. The mattress can be put directly on the wooden bed frame. As you can see from the pictures you will have also a desk for studying and shelves for supplies and books. You can add also a panel where you can “stick” your notes and also lots and lots of photos. You can paint it also with the colours that you prefer and by the end that you are done you will have the perfect “furniture” for your teenager’s room with lots and lots of space. So, lets head over to “Ana White Homemaker” blog to make this DIY idea and also to discover a lot of photos and also plans to make a beautiful save spacing loft bed. Enjoy!!!


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Ana White Homemaker – How To Build A Loft Bed



Build a Loft Bed

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