Practical Ideas On How To Clean Your Kitchen Sink

Tried to clean the kitchen sink so many time with no result?! No worry, I have the perfect solution for you. A DIY idea that will clean your sink efficiently and also will help you get rid of the many germs. And this DIY home project is chemicals free, meaning you won’t be using any of those expensive solutions that you can buy from the store. Make your sink look as new just by following a few simple steps.

You will need the following supplies: baking soda, salt (use rock salt), dish liquid soap (the one that you use), vinegar, lemons, a toothbrush, a sponge and clean cloth’s.

Follow the instructions: Start by wetting the sink surface. Take the baking soda and add it on the wet surface. Use the sponge and start brushing the sink surface. You will see that the baking soda and the water will become a paste. Leave it for approx. 5 minutes. Use plenty of water and rinse the sink surface. Now take the toothbrush and clean the caulk seal of the sink. Use once again baking soda and scrub the caulk seal very well. Rinse again with lots of water. If you want you can repeat the procedure. Use a big cloth and soak it in vinegar. Cover the bottom of the sink with the cloth. Let everything sit for approx. 20 minutes. Take out the cloth, use the sponge and soap to clean the bottom of the sink and plenty of water to rinse. Now all you have to do is to take the lemons, cut them into pieces and add them in the caulk seal. Turn on the warm water and also the garbage disposal. By adding the lemons into the caulk seal, your drain will be clean and also it will smell nice. Enjoy!!!

Note: Do not add ammonia or bleach on your stainless steel sink. It will do a lot of damage to the sink.



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  1. Bhowna Bhana says:

    How do I clean brassware & silver (trophies) with household items please. As the cleaners from the store are very expensive

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