Practical Ideas on How to Create a Unique Stone Heart

You can create an original and unique stone heart for your outdoor design and I am shore that all of your friend will want one too. This stone heart is easy to make, and the cost is up to 20$.  You can find everywhere a heavy-gauge wire, garden wire, some colorful pebbles and a chain. Take a look on how it’s done following the steps bellow and start creating…


Step 1: Make the Outline …outline a heart shape in heavy-gauge wire. Using a pair of pliers, tie the points together with garden wire. Step 2: Create the Shape …. Place the heart shape over a double layer of chicken wire, and cut out a slightly larger heart with wire cutters. Tie the chicken wire to the wire frame with garden wire, leaving an opening through which to fill it. Step 3: Finishing Touches …. Fill the heart with pretty pebbles. Close the opening; attach a sturdy chain and hang.





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