Practical Ideas On How To Design And Decorate With Glass Bottles

I am sure that you threw up hundreds or even thousands of empty bottles, whether they were plastic or glass. But now the time has come to give a second chance to this bottles and also I will give you a piece of advice: use empty bottles following the practical and creative ideas that I am bringing to you in the lines below. Although “glass bottles” are recyclable, another option (even better) after being emptied, is to give them another function, either by minor changes  turning them into something useful in the kitchen or doing something more complex and sophisticated. A simple glass bottle provides endless creative possibilities. Wine bottles have a unique shape and their colors are just as interesting. With a little skill, empty wine bottles can be transformed into interesting lamps or chic chandeliers that will surely give your home an original air.


If you have a garden that you want to decorate and light it in a unique way, you can cut the bottom of the bottle and you can put candles that will light the night. If you want to create romantic and unique accessories for the bathroom, you can stick a piece of white lace on an empty bottle of wine after the bottom of the bottle has been cut down. Fix on a glass support a little candle and place the bottle wrapped in lace over it. Also wine bottles used creatively can be a central element of interest in dinners or even during weddings.












Bottle Fence



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  1. Santhosh says:

    How to cut bottles?
    give me ezy ideas.. plz

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