Practical Ideas On How To Install A Flagstone Path

Fun art projects are now extended to cover a huge base of craft projects. Nowadays, if you have the time and dedication, you can learn a lot of DIY Ideas to create interesting things on your own. Craft ideas such as DIY installation of a flagstone path are some that you can give a try. Useful ideas stem from practik ideas that you can use to beautify your home or use them as an income generating avenue. Today we learn how installing a flagstone path is easy and how to do it and save ourselves some extra cash…


  • Flagstones / Gravel / Garden Nozzle / Water / Plastic Edging / Sand / Necessary Tools / Broom / A Pair Of Gloves / Shovel / A Garden Hose / Metal Rake / A Vibrator Plate Compactor / Sand and Gravel


  • Start by preparing the area. Prep the area by digging up to four inches of soil on the area you plan on laying your flagstones.
  • Use the rake to smoothen the area and remove any underlying debris.
  • You might want to line the pathway using edging and come up with a clear indication of what the path will seem like.
  • Begin by laying down a small layer of gravel. The layer will harbor any weed growth that might be inching upwards.
  • Next pour a two inch sand layer and once again use the rake to smoothen it over.
  • Lightly use water to smoothen the sand and introduce a compacter that will flatten your project to a smooth level.

Flagstones Laying:

  •  Start creating the flagstone pathway. Begin with laying every stone piece and carefully work the stone piece in position, all the while, see to it that every piece you lay is levelled.
  • Try setting your stones between four to five inches apart.

 Fill the Gaps between the Flagstones:

  • You can use a whole lot of materials to fill the gaps that are between the stones. You can use materials such as: mulch, sand, gravel or pebbles.
  • Which ever materials you settle for filling in the gaps, make sure to use a broom to sweep away excess materials off the stones. Your DIY Project now complete!!! Enjoy!!!


install a flagstone path praktic ideas


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