Practical Ideas To “Unshrink” Your Pants

If you bought a pair of pants and after the first wash the pants just shrunk, no worry!! We have the perfect DIY idea to “unshrink” your pants. You will only need: two extra large beach towels, a cap full of baby shampoo and your sink full with lukewarm water. Fill your bathroom sink with lukewarm water. Now add the cap full of baby shampoo. Add also the pants or shirt that you want to “unshrink”. Let the pants soak in the water with all the “magic” ingredients and work it through “relaxing” the fibers in the clothes. Take the pants out of the water and squeeze the water out without rinsing the pants. Take one of the two beach towels and lay the pants flat on it. Roll up the towel. Lay the second beach towel and put the pants on it. Stretch gently the pants as they lay out to dry. Let them air dry on the second towel. Pretty awesome, right?! Enjoy!!!



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