Practical Ideas On How To Whiten Yellowed Pillows

You know which is the main reason why your pillows turn yellow? Sweat….. Your body is sweating even during the night when we are sleeping because the sweat is keeping the body at an very comfortable temperature. When the sweat dries from the pillow you will have a ugly stain that you for sure will want to remove. Even with pillow covers your pillows are not safe from the sweat. It’s true that you can just toss the the garbage the yellow pillow and go to the local store and buy a new one. But why waist money when you can save them?! WE have the perfect practical idea for you: instead of tossing the pillow to the trash whiten them.

You will need the followings: very hot water, one cup of “Powdered Dishwasher Detergent”, one cup “Laundry Detergent”, one cup of natural bleach (no chlorine smell) and half of cup of borax.

Follow the instructions: first of all most important, check the pillow label to see if you can wash it in your machine. Take any protection including the pillow case off. Add to your machine 1 / 3 hot water and also all the magic “ingredients”. Add also the usual detergent that you are using.  Start your machine. When the detergent is no more (dissolved) put the pillows in and let the washer to fill with hot water. Switch your machine on the second rinse cycle. If you have down pillows or feather ones dry them using the air cycle. If the pillows are synthetics the best drying method is the low heat one. In order to have fluffed pillows again when you put them in the dryer add balls covered in socks (clean ones) or special balls (dryer balls). Let the pillow dry and voila! Enjoy!



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  1. pinkiepie says:

    Where does one get natural bleach?

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