Purple – A Mystery And Elegant Color In Interior Design

Using purple in interior design is a choice that many do not dare to take although is a strong color associated with luxury, royalty, mystery, is sophisticated and elegant. When it is well dosed, this color gives attitude and service. Precisely for these reasons purple is less used in the construction of optimal visual space. Also, its better to know that if you do not use purple right it can be associated with the opposite of the above. There are certain combinations of purple with other colors that you can consider a winner in almost any conditions. For example, purple and white, this two colors go very well together and purple bring a touch of sophistication and creativity, regarding room functionality (social space, playground, lounge, workspace, etc.).

The list with matching colors or with colors that mismatches is very long. Leaving aside the possible combinations, its better for you to know that various shades of purple can create the most spectacular effects. Furniture in a shade of purple gives the impression of elegance and fragility at the same time, and match very well with exposed concrete walls or painted in light grey. In other words, purple is a relaxing color that can be successfully used to decorate bedrooms or bathrooms. Get inspired from our little photo gallery and decide if you want to decorate your home, in the future. Enjoy!!!











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