Make A Reading Chair Using An Tire Air Tube

The idea of reusing tires in indoor and outdoor designs is already very know to everyone. Not to mention that is creative, sustainable and cheap. But what I’m bringing to you today is a little bit different: why use only the tire from a car when you can use also the tire’s air chamber. You will find out how to make a little reading or relaxing chair using tire’s air chamber.

You will need the following supplies:

– Tire air tube : 13″ is the perfect one

– 6 balls of wool (best quality)

– Scissors


Fill the air tube with the help of an air pump. You will notice that the tube does not fill symmetrically because the tension of the rubber is different around the pin and away from him, but that’s normal. After you have the chamber with air, start to wind the wool parallel to the pin, by first cutting edge node and extra wool. Keep the chamber tension while coating the puff, but not too tight, so it can  keep the elasticity to move when you’re sitting in it. Another detail is to always slightly overlap the strips to prevent the chamber to appear. An important detail is how we use the wool to have different shades on both sides: alternate the position to get a gradient richer. To repeat the effect always use the side that will be down to change the position of the strip. Finish the piece by coating the pin, make the knot strolling through it with the wool inside the tip, repeat the process two times and finish putting the loose end into the strips. Although seems complicated, once you get the hang of it is super easy to make it.


Source: http://remobilia.com/2013/09/09/diy-passo-a-passo-pufe-de-camara-de-ar/

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    umm your post is great but could you put some kind of video????

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