Reuse An Old Iron Skillet: Turn It Into A Beautiful Garden Clock

Many fun art projects can be done at home and not necessarily inside the house. There are plenty of practik ideas that you can incorporate around your property and beautify your landscape. DIY Ideas to use on your property are in the dozens. DIY projects such as incorporating a garden clock from your old stuff is a brilliant way of using craft ideas to beautify your landscape on a budget. Let’s try some of these craft projects to do at home and create a garden clock using an old skillet…


  • Start by selecting a skillet that has a flat surface that is large enough to create the face of a clock. The skillet should have a depth that is in the very least an inch deep allowing the clock to go inside it.
  • Clean the skillet inside and outside removing any dirt. Use steel wool to clean any carbon build up.
  • Ark the clock’s center face by placing the screwdriver tip perpendicular on the back of the skillet and use a hammer to tap it lightly and create a divot that will help the drill gain purchase.
  • Drill through the skillet from its exterior helping fillings and edges be covered up by the clock pieces. Drilling from the outside will also curb any interference of the clock’s hand.
  • See to it that the drill bit you are using is wide enough to accommodate the shaft of the clock without having to expand the hole. If the skillet is thick, purchase clock parts that have a longer shaft.
  • Start attaching the clock works on the inside of the skillet and secure them with the washers provided. Bolt the shafts from the outside. Fix washers that fit between the works at the clock’s back and use a pair of pliers to tighten the bolts before you proceed.
  • Start adding numbers on the clock’s face. You can either design your own face, use pre-printed face or select several stickers or rub-ons’.
  • You can also leave the clock to function using nothing at all.
  • Now attach the clock’s hands on the shaft and secure them. Paint the hands if you wish to.

Decorate your garden skillet clock handle with butterflies and a bow, set the clock and hang it up! Enjoy!!!



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 Photo Courtesy: www.pinterest.com

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