Taking Rose Cuttings

If you want to have results in time, you must start this project latest in spring time so you will have enough roots to plant the in fall. The most important supply from this project is the potato. This will keep the end of the rose cutting moist. First of all you must dig a 15 cm deep trench. Use sand to cover the bottom of the trench. Select the rose stem you want to propagate. You have to make sure that you cut at the base, bellow the bud. Now comes the part where we are going to use the most important supply of the project: the potato. Push the end of the rose into the potato. Put the potato together with the cutting in the sand. Toss gently the send around the cutting to remove the air. The distance between the cuttings should be 15 cm apart. Put back the soil in the trench. Make sure that you water as much as possible during the summer.



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11 Responses to "Taking Rose Cuttings"

  1. Jo Green says:

    Do you leave it attached to the potato when it goes into the ground? Or is the potato just for keeping it from drying out while it is waiting to go in the ground?

  2. Roxy says:

    No where in the instructions say when to use the potato

  3. Allen Richter says:

    I don’t expect to here from you on this matter…………………

  4. Gina says:

    I am sure that you can use the potato under the ground, it would be to keep moisture on the plant, and a potato will probably help it root. I have rooted many roses without potatoes but I think the potato would be the better way to go. you can try both ways and see which ones grow better.

  5. Ralu says:

    But the potato doesn’t grow into a plant too?

  6. Janice says:

    Do we plant in the spring or the fall?

    • andytm07 says:

      you must start this project latest in spring time so you will have enough roots to plant in fall.

  7. Audrey Brock says:

    If you plant them in circle just large enough to place a clean plastic gallon milk jug in the middle you can fill that jug with water. Replace the cap tightly and after you go out to you rose cuttings punch holes in the bottom set it in the middle of the circle. You can loosen or tighten the top to adjust water flow. 1 gallon of water will last from 4-24 maybe even 48 hours.

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