Rustic Elements – Your Garden Decorated In Style

Your garden, no matter how small it is, has to be a little corner of heaven. With minimal effort and with a little imagination you can turn it into a corner that is isolated from the noise of the city. Using rustic elements (elements that are very often used in Europe/Romania) you will enjoy at the same time “the country side”. Shades of green and brown are the summer color combination and also the colors that are used to create a rustic garden.  When you start planning the garden settings please take in mind that to many items will load the garden and it will look stuffy. When you are choosing the materials, opt for colors very similar to brown. It will fit very well with the green, so make sure you have a garden as … green as possible. Make the ornaments…natural.


Do you like coconut? You can use them as ornaments. With a serrated knife with strong blade, cut out, empty them, then catch them with a rope. You can also design a beautiful garden using rustic elements like small barrels, hanging by a chain of some wheels from a peasant cart and decorated with some beautiful flowers. Always such a combination is charming and can be an attraction for your guests.






An old barrel, upcycled into a beautiful rustic table

Rustic Bench ..

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