Rustic Elements For Your Kitchen

In time, the kitchen has become the place to meet with family and spending time together, gathering around the table is probably the only time that all family members are present. Why rustic? This decorating style is very warm and welcoming and the presence of wood is in large proportion. Use as many natural materials and textiles as possible. Solid wood, natural-looking “worn” is the best choice in this case, whether is a table, countertop or a kitchen cabinet. The easiest way to achieve such a setting is to “steal” one piece of furniture from your grandparent’s home. The years passed over them creates the atmosphere that you need. Another option is to give a run at vintage fairs where you can find really great reconditioned parts, or you can go directly to the manufacturers of this kind of kitchens. Besides the furniture itself can accessorize your kitchen with all kinds of textile decorations such as cushions, embroidered tablecloths, curtains, etc.. In addition, a string of red peppers, hung in a hurry, will give the room a familiar note, while stone, wrought iron or wicker, and flowers, leaves, chestnuts, pine cones or twigs, are all elements that can be inserted in a rustic setting. Use warm colors. Chromatic talking, cream, green, brown, pastel colors in general are among the main basic shades used.


Traditional arrangement, as is the case with rustic kitchen involves many elements “of the house” openly exposed. Porcelain, ceramic pots, terra cotta or copper, wooden tableware, paintings and photographs, all be integrated to obtain an authentic style. The rustic decorating style is very “playful” because it allows you to combine opposing elements and the result will be a special one. An example would be using a sophisticated chandelier, towering in the middle of the kitchen, or the finishing of precious furniture. As for appliances, there are both products with a retro design / vintage that can be used in all their splendor, and modern appliances, built-in furniture that can be embedded, that if you want to be updated with latest technologies .









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