Ryobi Table Saw Review: Is It Worth Your Money?

Table saws are usually used for various sorts of work, such as carpentry or woodwork. Derived from many textures of wood, several types of blade patterns are used to work on the shape of the plank cuts.

The shapes of each type of table saw blades are made to be ideal for different processes of woodwork ranging from chopping to shaping wood.

However, despite the functions, the best results and efficiency provided in the push and pull of the saw over any planks of wood is most important, so it is essential that one can make the best choice that suits their needs.

Ryobi’s table saw is no stranger to woodcutters, it fits the experience of both beginners and experts in the field, and if you’re looking to shop for a new table saw, we’ve come up with a review on which table is the best in our opinion.

There are also some things to look out for to see if you find them to your liking.

Table Saw Essentials


A 10″ blade is good enough for most woodcutting jobs. An 8″ blade might be good enough as well if you are doing simple DIY pieces. A 12″ blade is the best choice for more strenuous work with bigger and tougher materials.


Tabletop varies in size. It can be as small as 1.5’ x 1.8’ to 2.2’ x 5’. Table tops are usually made of cast steel or cast aluminum

Push stick and blade guard

Push stick is a safety feature to prevent your fingers getting too close to the blade and the blade guard covers the blade when you are cutting the wood to prevent accidents.

Miter gauge

It is important if you want clean cuts.

Rip fence

It is a bar that is located at the side of the blade, it acts as a guide for you to have even and straight cuts.

Rip capacity

Rip capacity is the distance between the blade and the fence, setting the max width of your cuts.

Cut depth

You can get a 3-inch cut with a 10-inch blade, and a 12-inch blade goes as deep as 4 inches. However, there are also other factors that will affect your cut depth.

In this Ryobi table saw review, we only cover job site table saws and portable table saws. There are several accessories that you may purchase alongside with the table saws, but that will not be covered in this article. Without further ado, we’ll jump right into the jobsite choices as the first category.

Ryobi’s Jobsite Table Saw

Ryobi BS904G 9-Inch Bandsaw Green

Priced at ONLY $208, it also comes with free shipping when you make this purchase from Amazon. The Ryobi 2.5-amp Ryobi Band Saw is designed for a variety of woodworking applications.

This table saw features a blade tracking window and rack and pinion blade support adjustment system. If required, you can also equip a riving knife to enable depth of cut when it comes to heavier work. Ryobi Bandsaw is also equipped with a built in dust collection port for efficient cleaning and a cleaner workplace, as well as reduced vibration as compared to other bandsaws on the market.

Made out of quality material, aluminium, the Ryobi table saw is built to last. Weighing only 42.7 pounds, the table saw dimension is 31 x 18 x 11 inches, in LxWxH.

The table saw also has a voltage power of 120 volts. Do keep in mind that the power tools are packed separately upon shipping, and would require assembly by own once it has arrived.

They also have a miter gauge, rip fence, and an extension table, all at your ease of use. The onboard storage system also provides easy access to the blade guard assembly, fence, riving knife, wrenches, push stick, and cord wrap when not in use.

Ryobi’s Portal Table Saw

Ryobi One P505 18V Lithium-Ion Cordless 5-½-Inch 4,700 RPM Circular Saw

The Ryobi One P505 is a trusty table saw with very high ratings. Rated as Amazon’s Choice, it has a 4.6 out of 5 star ratings, across nearly 800 users who provided feedback. Though it only comes in one colour, Green, it is their signature colour.

The blade length is 5.5 inches, and it is battery powered. You’re not going to believe this, but it’s only $45.57, and it also comes with free shipping if you get it from Amazon.

But that’s not all, you can get this table saw for absolutely free when you have approval of Amazon Rewards Visa Card. Made out of plastic and metal, it is a cheap alternative for those who are on a tighter budget.

It only weighs 5.3 pounds, and has an item dimension of 12.3 x 12.1 x 8.7 inches, in LxWxH.

About this table saw

  • Gripzone Overmold: The handles of this power tool are lined with a rubber mold. This increases friction between your hands and the tool, improving handling in most conditions
  • Transparent Lower Guard: The polyurethane blade guard is clear, so you can get maximum visibility on your work while you make your cuts
  • Adjustable Bevel: You can adjust the foot of this cordless circular saw up to 50 degrees to cut at a variety of angles for different applications
  • Extra Side Handle gives you improved control. Its location on the left side of the tool gives you greater visibility over your cuts while you work
  • One+ Compatible: The circular saw works with Ryobi’s 18 Volt batteries. These battery models include the P100, P102, P103, P104, P105, P107, and P108

If you’re buying this from Amazon, do keep in mind that you will not be given any batteries upon purchase, so you will have to get them on your own accord. Any of the listed Lithium ion grade battery models will work on this table saw.

Look no further than the Ryobi P505 for your household woodcutting needs. Its cordless power will let you take this all over your property for demolition projects or DIY construction needs.

At 4,700 revolutions per minute, it boasts power similar to corded circular saws, but with the portability of a cordless one.

Along with this portability is a collection of features that make it easy to handle in different environments. It has a rubber grip over the handles that increases friction between your hands and the tool for maximum control.

It also features an extra handle on the left side of the unit, giving you more control and visibility over your work.

Beyond that, to cut wherever you need around the house, you can adjust the angle of the bevel up to 50 degrees. With a 5-½-inch blade included, you’ll be ready to go straight out of the box if you have a Ryobi battery in your collection beforehand.

If you want to switch the blade out, an onboard compartment holds a wrench so you can make quick changes on the fly without having to spend time looking for tools.

Whether you’re a DIY builder, homeowner, or professional looking for a reliable backup, the P505 from Ryobi will serve you well.

(15 Amp Motor) 10 inches Sliding Compound Miter Saw

If you are looking for a heavy duty table saw, Ryobi offers one as well. Though it is not as highly rated as compared to the others, it still has a reasonable standing on its own.

The 15-amps Ryobi 10 would really make a difference, since this table saw can cut through larger materials such as pressured lumber. With a blade length of 10 inches, the Ryobi 10 table saw dimension is 36.19 x 22.82 x 16.92 inches, at LxWxH. Priced at only $199, it also comes with free shipping.

About this table saw

  • Heavy-duty 15 Amp motor to easily cut through larger material
  • Sliding head provides maximum capacity for up to 12 in. cross cut
  • LED Cutline Indicator and work-light projects cut line and illuminates material to improve accuracy of the cut and visibility
  • Miter Detent Override: Quick action lever bypasses miter detent index points with one simple motion
  • Fixed Dust Port maintains the ideal position to optimize dust collection efficiencies for both plunge and sliding cuts

This Ryobi 10 Table Saw is incredibly easy to use, and is a great option to consider, since it acts as a hybrid between a jobsite table saw and a portable table saw. With this motor, it is quite a steal for that price, since not many options are able to offer this amount of power at less than $200.


In this Ryobi Table Saw Review, there were 3 choices that we recommend. However, if we had to choose 1 out of the three, it would definitely be Ryobi BS904G 9-Inch Bandsaw Green.

There are of course several situations where you are on an even tighter budget, since it is understandable that most woodworkers will possess several accessories alongside a new table saw. Ryobi is no stranger when it comes to power tools and builders’ hardware.

By purchasing the Ryobi BS904G 9-Inch Bandsaw Green, it is safe to say that with accessories, it may easily cost up to $500, which requires some saving for some people. But, remember, when buying tools, try to buy the best you can find. You don’t want a cheap tool to stop working in the middle of the day.

Of course, unlike Ryobi 10, it does not possess a 15 amp motor, but that isn’t really a deal breaker, compared to the other power tools that can be used. Power tools play an important role when it comes to woodworking, it can be any accessories that’ll add onto the table saw.

A well-within budget tool will prevent exactly that. Ryobi is affordable, works like a charm, and packs a punch. There are trusted safety features, it is highly rated by users, a dust collection system to collect wood dust so it is easier to clean, almost everything in particular that you can ask for in a table saw.

Compared to other options, Ryobi offers one of the cheapest alternatives in the market with great quality, there would be no reason to not get this table saw if you’re on a budget.

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