Save Space Using The Fold-Up Picnic Table And Bench – DIY

Have you ever experienced one of those days where you and your loved ones are at home on a summer day and you all want to go out for a picnic but not actually leave your home? Well if you have, there are plenty of fun DIY art projects to do at home. Create a perfect fold-up picnic table and enjoy wonderful picnics at your backyard or in your garden! Besides, by using these practical ideas you will create a fold-up picnic table and bench that is convenient and one that will make room to carry out any other activity when you don’t have the need to serve lunch or just relaxing. These DIY creative ideas are made entirely from wood. The bench’s sleek design makes it look cool when folded on the wall. Besides the most magnificent feature, meaning the fold up part, will help the fold-up table and bench become so practical that you will be tempted to do the same to every table you have in your home. Such DIY ideas help you save on space even more because the table and the benches can individually be folded either up or down according to your desires. With such a table in your home, now your gusts and friends will be both thoroughly entertained and impressed due to the possibilities that you will be able to implement as you host them outside the house in a warm sunny day during one of your great hang-outs!

What Do You Need? Seven 2 by 6 8 feet long planks of wood; Four 2 by 4 8 feet long planks of wood; Two half inch exterior screws; Eight four inches long and half diameter bolts that are sold together with washers and nuts; Wood Glue; Paint brush; Wood Filter; Wood Conditioner; 120 grit Sand paper; Primer; Paint.

What are The Tools Needed? Tape measure, Pencil, Square, Safety Glasses, Hammer, Drill, Sander, Counter-sink Drill Bit, Hearing protection, Level and Compound Miter Saw.

Ensure that you are cautious as you cut all the boards using the Compound Miter Saw. To be sure of what you are doing, you can use a protractor to carefully cut the ends of the wood with a circular saw so when it comes to fitting the wood and plank pieces where it needs to go everything fits in perfectly. Enjoy!!!



fold-up picnic table and bench

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