Simple To Make Paper Origami Cubes

I love Christmas lights. In fact, I love all kind of lights: big, small, different colors and shapes. This next project will bring a little bit of light in your home: paper origami cubes. Try to use Led’s for this project so you wont have to worry all the time that your project will be on fire. So, firs grab a string of Led lights. Depending on how many Led’s you have on the string you have to make the paper cubes. So, if you have 27 Led’s than make 27 paper cubes. You can choose what ever size you want. So fold the paper cubes like this:


After you have finished with the paper cubes  poke each light into a paper cube. What is best is that you won’t need any glue. And like this your project is ready. You can use the paper origami cubes to light your patio, in your garden and even in your bedroom.


Source: http://lightfantastic.me/en/showcase/show/40

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