Slots for Shoes or Special Slots For Bottles – An Ingenious Storage Idea

Most of you have children at home and you have to keep some things away from them because they are considered very dangerous.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money for what I am bringing bellow. You can find an ingenious solution for storing various bottles that are used in the bathroom and kitchen for cleaning. The bottles with disinfectants and detergents are not suitable for storage under the sink or near the toilet because of young children. On the other side this bottles use a lot of space and gives a bad look to the place.

Slots for organizing 1

As a solution there is the idea of storing them in slots for shoes or special slots for bottles. You can hang these organizers vertically on the door of the closet. This saves space and the little ones will not be able to reach. So, you will win in both cases. So free up your space under the sink.



slots for organizing 2

slots for organizing 3

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  1. Sweet says:

    Waw I like the idea I just thought about the same organizer for my baby changing table but I made one out of fabric check it out

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