Sock Santa Clause

Christmas is coming soon. That is why you should start making Christmas decorations. It is never to soon. So, once again we are bringing to you a “sock idea”. Lets make a sock Santa Clause. The kids will love it. You also!! You can use socks you have already. The longer the white tube socks are the taller your Santa will be. You will need one tube sock and one patterned sock.  Cut the tube sock just above the heel. Put the heel part aside and turn the tube inside out.  Wrap one of the cut ends tightly with an elastic band, then turn it back right side out. Fill with rice.  Make sure you pat the rice down as you are filling it It will hold quite a bit. Fasten the top with an elastic.  Try to get as close to the top as possible. If you have this much excess, trim it off.

To finish this lovely project click this link:

Do It Yourself Lovely Sock Santa Clause



Sock Snowman Sock Santa 038a_thumb[6]

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