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Many of us have more necessary stuff than we could accommodate in our apartment and at the same time to save enough space for comfortable living. Therefore, it will not matter to bring to the extreme and try to our stuff in our limited space. Very good idea to save space is to adapt various awkward spaces to store things. If you want an idea you can create special drawers under the bed. Ideally suited for such experiments is the space under the stairs. On your kitchen window, you can put a lounger on which to relax and be nice and extra stuff  and not be seen from others. Soft stools can be made with a removable lid, and no one would guess that there is something stored. There are many options.


The main thing is to do this, but without breaking the harmony of the interior.
Some techniques can help decorate the extra interior right to beat and even apply in a favorable light. Wish you success in the difficult struggle with junk!







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