Swan Garden Decorations Using Plastic Bottles

Summer at-last! Time to enjoy wonderful fun art projects with our family in the backyard. As your kids play games, you can sit around soaking in the many interesting things you have created with your own hands thanks to great DIY Ideas. Craft projects such as Swan Garden Decorations are useful ideas that will not cost your much, nor take your precious time but wonderful craft ideas that will help you make a beautiful addition to your property using plastic bottles. Let’s bring these practik ideas to life…

 Materials: Nuts and Bolts / Plastic Bottles / A Pair of Scissors / Drill set / Wooden Panel (Swan Shaped).

 Process: Stick the wooden frame of the swans firmly on the ground. Take the plastic bottles, use the pair of scissors to cut the top part off starting from the throttle (neckline). Cut off the bottom as seen on the third picture. Use the pair of scissors to shred the pieces of plastic you have curved from the bottle to form feathers (Picture four). Use the drill set to drill the screws on the swans body (5th picture). Use more shredded plastic containers to form the body of the swan, drill the feathers into place (Pic 6-8). Fill the body (abdomen, sides and the tail) of the swan, leave out the neck and the legs. Voila, your project is done! Enjoy!!!



swan garden decor from recycled plastic bottles


Photo Courtesy: www.pinterest.com


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