70 Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids [Free and Easy!]

Thanksgiving is a busy day with so much to prepare for. Even if you leave the turkey dinner and pumpkin pie in your care, you can still rely on your kids to help out and be involved with the Thanksgiving celebration.

You can start off with a few easy Thanksgiving crafts for kids that will not only keep them busy while you’re preparing for dinner but will also double as festive decorations and centrepieces.

Our list of the best thanksgiving craft ideas celebrates everything the holiday brings: turkeys, pumpkins, and time to reflect on the many blessings received in life. You can even make it more meaningful by encouraging your kids to think about what they’re thankful for as they glue, cut, and bedazzle these thanksgiving crafts.

Below you’ll find crafts suitable for toddlers to teens and even some that the whole family can join in to create. In fact, the kids will be having so much fun making these Thanksgiving crafts that you might even be tempted to join in – even with that massive to-do list!

70 Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

1. Pumpkin Stress Balls

Some may find holidays and celebrations to be a little stressful. So why not hand them a couple of home-made stress balls to calm their nerves? Fill orange balloons with rice and draw on spooky, scary, or cute faces with black Sharpie. Tie them off and they’re ready for a squeeze!

2. Paper Bag Turkey

If you happen to have hyperactive kids who struggle to sit still for more than 5 minutes, then you can stick them with this quick and easy craft. You can even prepare all the paper cut-outs and feathers in advance to rule out any time spent on decision-making.

3. Apple Stamping Pumpkin Craft

Happen to have a few leftover apples from your orchard haul? Why not dip them in orange paint and turn them into adorable pumpkin-shaped stamps. You can even add on some pipe cleaners and googly eyes to bring your pumpkin shapes to life.

4. Bedazzled Gourds

Decorate the dining table with centerpiece-worthy embellished gourds. Simply embellish real or artificial gourds with rhinestones in different colors and sizes for a beautiful and attractive décor.

5. Painted Rocks and Leaves Centerpiece

Don’t have gourds laying around? You can still convince your kids to pitch in with party prepping by painting a bunch of rocks from your backyard in colorful shades. They can also spell out a holiday-appropriate phrase such as “give thanks” or “so grateful” on the rocks with white paint.

6. Pumpkin Mason Jars

Make the most out of the empty mason jars (or even any glass jars) laying around your kitchen drawers by painting them in various shades of orange and topping them with some stems and leaves. You can even turn them into gifts for party guests or use them to store your favorite seasonings.

7. Leaf Turkey

Have your kids create greeting cards with a printout of Tom the Turkey. You can even add some festive flair with an array of colorful leaves straight from your backyard.

8. Owl Handprint

Encourage your kids to be more hands-on with these cute owl handprint project. We cannot deny that tiny hands make for the cutest birds. Trace your kids’ handprints on colored paper and cut them out. Your kids can then decorate them with feathers, eyeballs, and even a beak!

9. Turkey Windsocks

These noise-free windsocks will help you attract a flock of turkeys in no time. You can even customize them with ribbons and feathers of your choice.

10. Candy Cornucopia

Cornucopias are stuffed with an assortment of fresh fruits and veggies. However, we can always make an exception for one of the best holidays of the year and let sweets take over.

11. Pumpkin Soap

This is an interesting idea that doubles as a practical gift. Although this shea butter creation looks and even smells just as good as the edible version, it’ll leave a soapy aftertaste in your mouth. In other words, don’t eat it! Just lather up with its pumpkin spice goodness during a relaxing shower.

12. Crayon Turkeys

This simple idea will help you hold several crayons in one hand. You can even add coloring pages to each place setting on your dining table to prevent the kids from getting bored and restless while the adults chat away during dinner.

13. Pom Pom Pumpkins

If you’ve missed pumpkin season or if your pumpkin carving days are long gone (until next year, that is), you can try your hand at these DIY yard beauties that you can stick on your mantle. These will even last for years to come.

14. Turkey Glove Puppet

Get a few extra pairs of gloves and transform them into a flock of multi-colored turkeys for an interesting night of epic puppet show with the little ones.

15. Pumpkin Pie Coasters

For a craft that’s almost sweeter than pie, cut three sheets of felt in different colors – orange, brown and white – and glue them together to get on-theme coasters.

16. Gratitude Pie

You can create an easy spinning “pie” chart to help your kids pinpoint what they’re thankful for at dinner. To make this, cut out a construction paper circle the same size as the inside of a paper plate. Attach it with a brass fastener, then remove a “slice” of pie. Write “I’m Thankful For…” on top of the paper plate and have your kids add their responses as they rotate the “slice” around the pie.

17. Owl Puppet

There are already plenty of turkey talk on our list, so why not add another bird-brained project? This versatile paper owl instantly becomes a puppet, a hat, or even a mask. It depends on where you attach the string.

18. Cheerio Corn on the Cob

Transform boring breakfast cereal into corn kernels with this clever fall craft. You can even bring on more colors by using Fruit Loops for a multicolor effect.

19. Turkey Pudding Cups

Can’t get your kids to try your sweet potato pie (don’t worry, they’ll give in, in due time), you can try your chance with this classic dessert alternative. You can even use the leftovers for school lunches the next day, too.

20. Pumpkin Handprint

Have family members that are too far to visit? Then they will surely love this adorable greeting card. Stamp out pumpkins or red apples with your kids’ tiny hands and have them write a personalized message that will fill your family members with love and joy this season.

21. Pom-Pom Turkeys

These yarn turkeys are soft and sweet, definitely way cuter than the birds your kids spot at the farm. They’re more cuddly too!

22. Painted Corn Husk Headband

Children’s love for rainbow-everything will translate perfectly into this seasonal canvas: corn husks.

23. Family Tree

Introduce your kids to the whole family before they visit Grandma’s for the holiday by drawing a family tree. For a seasonal spin, you can even use red and orange ink to resemble fall foliage.

24. Handprint Hat

Who says that handprint crafts cannot be worn? This cute turkey headpiece is made from traced hands and construction paper.

25. Fall Bookmark

While studying or reading may not be everyone’s favorite pastime during the holiday, you can encourage your kids to get ahead on their book reports with these cute bookmarks that are made out of felt and popsicle sticks.

26. Wall of Blessings

Before you whip out the Christmas advent calendar, you can also try this day-counting ritual for Thanksgiving. Have your kids write down something they’re grateful for each day as you count down to the end of the month.

27. Paper Apples

It is no secret that apple picking is one of the best parts of fall, and this easy-to-follow paper craft only adds to the fun. This will be especially interesting once apple season comes to an end.

28. Paper Plate Leaf

Decorate your halls and mimic the changing leaves outside with these kid-friendly versions. Embellish your leaves with stickers, doodles, and glitter glue for some extra sparkle.

29. Paper Pumpkin

This brightly colored paper pumpkin is a much simpler version of paper quilling. It will even look extra festive hanging in a window.

30. Leaf Suncatchers

You don’t always have to do all the decorating yourself. You can enlist your kids to rip up tissue paper to create their own (temporary) stained glass windows with these leaf suncatchers.

31. Leaf Catcher

Have your child write down what they’re most thankful for and capture all their positive thoughts in this pretty display.

32. Pine Cone Turkey

Have your kids spend the afternoon scavenging your backyard for pine cones until they find the perfect assortment to dress up as little turkeys. These make for adorable décor in your living room or on the shelves.

33. Paper Gourds

These paper pumpkins are super easy to make and are fastened together at the top with curly pipe cleaner stems (no glue required means no messy hands!).

34. Pilgrim Treat Boxes

Keep your little kids busy at dinner with these pilgrim-shaped treat boxes. They’re perfect for holding crayons or even come light pre-turkey nibbles.

35. Hand Turkey

This is a classic thanksgiving craft and also one of the most fun one around. This “hand turkey” only requires a handprint and some finger paint. This is also the perfect last-minute fix for busy bees.

36. Fall Leaf Painting

You can have your kids paint around the leaves to create negative space when you peel the leaves away. This also works as a great excuse to get your kids out of the house to fetch supplies.

37. Mason Jar Turkey

The versatile mason jar makes yet another appearance in this DIY project. This time you can turn it into a turkey, complete with colored popsicle sticks as the feathers.

38. Pilgrim Hat Pencil Holder

Stash your crayons (or pens and coloring pencils) in mini pilgrim hats and place them on the table to keep your little ones busy and entertained while the turkey roasts in the oven.

39. Corn Wreath

Bubble wraps are just for protecting your glassware. You can also use them with washable paint to make each ear of corn look just like the ones you’d find in a field.

40. Colorful Feather Turkeys

With huge bug eyes and vibrant plumes, these turkeys make amazing holiday table topper.

41. Leaf Prints

Draw out a tree with some branches and have your kids turn this bare, hand-drawn tree into colorful ones with a little fingerpaint magic. Not only will this keep your kids busy the whole afternoon, but it’ll look pretty on your wall.

42. Turkey Napkin Holders

Turn a chore into a fun project by having your kids pitch in with these adorable DIY turkey napkin holders. They will be asking to set the table way more often with this on hand.

43. Felt Pie-Slice Garland

Have your kids help out with Thanksgiving decorations with this simple craft. You may need to help pitch in for the hot glue and cutting, depending on your kid’s age. Simply cut triangles from different colored felt and have them attached on a twine for hanging. Your kids can also choose to decorate them with a length of rickrack or buttons.

44. Candy Corn Bunting

Not only will this bunting make a great holiday craft for you and your kids to spend the day, but it will also create the perfect party décor accent. Start with a white paper plate and paint yellow acrylic border on the outer edge, followed by orange in the middle. Once the paint dries, you can cut them into triangle, punch holes at the top corners and thread them with twine.

45. Yarn Pumpkin Craft

The kids will absolutely love making this craft for you. But beware as this may get a little messy and will require playing with balloons!

46. Thanksgiving Turkey Place Card Holder

Turkeys don’t always have to be only brown and beige in color. Here are a few ways to liven them up with the help of some acrylic craft paints! They’ll surely be admired by all your guests come Thanksgiving Day.

47. Cupcake Liner Turkeys

All you need are a few baking cups, some brown craft pom-poms, and a spot of glue to bring this adorable idea to life. You can even cut some extra yellow cups to create makeshift beaks.

48. Pony Bead Flint Corn

What’s a crafter-noon without a few pipe cleaners? Here, they can be used as “husks” on beaded ears of corn.

49. Mini Roast Turkey Pinata

Everyone loves a pinata, especially one filled with candy! Create this mini pinata to decorate your kids’ table and have them at it after the feast and watch as the room fills with their favorite treats.

50. Turkey Crowns

Your kids will feel so special wearing these turkey crowns all throughout dinner. To keep them feeling sturdy, you can try printing the turkey on cardstock rather than regular paper.

51. Turkey Baloons

Stick googly eyes, makeshift beaks and some feathers on yellow balloons to create turkeys! The best part about this holiday craft is that they can float right above your kids’ chairs for everyone at your Thanksgiving dinner to admire.

52. Gratitude Bracelet Making

Beads imprinted with thankful words like “forever”, “happy” and “friend” will give these bracelets a more meaningful twist. Plus, they’re already just so cute in their own right!

53. Turkey Finger Puppets

You can make these finger puppets days ahead of your Thanksgiving feast to give your youngsters an adorable play piece to stay occupied during dinner.

54. Scarecrow Mason Jar

Though kids may need some help assembling this adorable mason jar project, they will surely feel super accomplished once its finished.

55. Thanksgiving Turkey Paper Plate Wreath

This DIY Thanksgiving project is so easy to make that even the youngest crafters can assemble this turkey wreath made from paper plates and colorful construction paper.

56. Egg Carton Thanksgiving Turkeys

Have empty egg cartons leftover after making your Thanksgiving cakes, cookies, and pies? Take them out and turn them into this cute turkey craft to keep your kids occupied.

57. Nutter Butter Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies

Busy multitasker will love this multi-purpose craft and snack idea. These candy-covered Thanksgiving cookies are sure to bring the holiday fun!

58. Paper Leaf Thanksgiving Table Runner

Get the kids in on Thanksgiving decorating with this easy garland project. Have each child write down what they’re grateful for on paper leaves to add a personalized touch.

59. Thanksgiving Turkey Headband

These turkey headbands will definitely be the first thing your kids want to wear on Thanksgiving morning. They’re fun to make and will look great on the kids during Thanksgiving dinner with the family.

60. Thanksgiving Turkey Mason Jar

The little ones can make this adorable Thanksgiving Mason jar craft with mini canning jars, or even opt for larger ones to hold more candy! These can also be turned into gifts for teachers, neighbors, or friends.

61. Grateful Thanksgiving Tree

Encourage your kids to get into the Thanksgiving spirit with an interesting project that requires everyone involved to express what they’re grateful for this year.

62. Quirky Leaf Friends

Here’s a craft that give your kids a chance to get outside of the house. Take a nature walk and collect your favorite leaves together. Bring them home and press them between the pages of a book. Afterward, you can get to work by painting funny faces on them.

63. Scarecrow Pasta Puppet

Nothing says “fall” quite like a good old-fashioned scarecrow. This “pasta puppet” is nothing more than that – dried pasta and felt!

64. Leaf Sprites

While Christmases have Elf on the Shelf, Thanksgiving can also have their own magical creatures – leaf sprites! Print out these friendly leaves on colored paper and add pipe cleaners to give them a little more personality.

65. Handprint and Footprint Turkey

Have their hands and foot involved with this project! Though it may be a little messy, it is sure to bring a ton of fun for the little ones. Craft paint and kids’ hands and feet make a keepsake you’ll want to hang on to forever.

66. Sponge-Painted Turkey

It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without paper plate turkeys but add sponge painting to this craft to make it extra enjoyable for kids.

67. Finger Leaf Puppets

These cute felt finger leaf puppets will keep your children entertained making them and playing with them after!

68. Pumpkin Pie magnet

This pumpkin pie magnet is made from chrome magnetic bottle caps and they’re a lot easier than it looks. Plus, they make great gifts too!

69. DIY Fall Leaf Bowl

It’s hard to believe that kids can make such gorgeous autumn leaf bowls themselves, but this beautiful and interesting DIY craft doesn’t take more than decorative leaves, Mod Podge, and a little patience.

70. Turkey Treats

These sweet – literally – turkey treat bags will dress up your Thanksgiving kids’ table! In fact, they might even just be too adorable to eat!


There’s no doubt that Thanksgiving is one of the most enjoyable and meaningful holidays of the year. But let’s be honest – between shopping, chopping, cooking, and cleaning, it can get a bit stressful for some.

That’s why we’ve come up with a list of interesting DIY craft ideas that you can get your little ones involved to keep them happily busy while you work through your big to-do list.

By now you would’ve gone through the list of the best 70 Thanksgiving craft ideas that will hopefully give you some inspiration and get your creative juices flowing.

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