“The Largest Mirror in the World”


Uyuni Saline (or Tunupa) is, with its area of ​​12,000 square kilometers (approximately 64 billion tons of salt), the largest salt desert in the world. It is located at 3650 meters altitude in the Andes Mountains in Bolivia. When it is covered by water, the saline is transformed into one of the largest mirrors in the world. In the rainy season the water acts as a delicate film on the surface of the desert – and thus strange formations are born. Salt depth of 120 meters is composed of layers of salty mud . 25,000 tons of salt are extracted annually. Water is eliminated through evaporation and after that the matter is transported. Salt blocks are used to build motels. With the passing of time, this place has become the biggest tourist attraction in Bolivia, and is visited by some 60,000 tourists every year. People often say after a visit here, that it is practically impossible to tell where the land ends, and where the horizon is. The huge desert is a proof of a real sea having existed here, millions of years ago. This is the way the lakes Titicaca and Poopo were born.









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