Tips On How You Can Remove Sweat Stains

Do you have a favourite T-Shirt or any other clothe item that you can not wear anymore because of the sweat stains?! You don’t want to get rid of it?! No problem…. the solution to your problem is here….. Give your T-Shirt/clothes a second chance with the following tips on how to get rid of the sweat stains. What is very important to know, before we get started, is that clothes with very special or fragile fabric like cashmere, silk or wool is best to take them to a professional dry cleaning instead of destroying them at home. Get rid of yellow, sweat stains with the following DIY ideas……

Use lemon juice – Mix an equal part of lemon with an equal part of water and scrub very well the sweat stain on your shirt. Place it on the wash and wash it as you always do.

Use aspirin – Take two aspirins and crush them. Mix the “aspirin powder” with half of cup of warm water. Add the magic mixture on the sweat stain and et it soak for three hours before you start washing.

Use baking soda – Mix baking soda with water until you have a paste. Apply the paste onto the sweat stain. Wash after a few hour.

Use table salt – Mix table salt with hot water. Add the mixture on the sweat stain before laundering.

Use white vinegar – Add white vinegar right on the stain. Wash after a few minutes.

Use ammonia – Before laundering add on the sweat stain equal part of water and ammonia.

You can use also hydrogen peroxide (but not on coloured clothes) or meat tenderizer to get rid of the sweat stains on your clothes. Enjoy!!!




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