Tips On How To Make An Fabric Hammock Chair – DIY

There are plenty of DIY Ideas that you can use to improve your lifestyle. Fun projects to do at home such as DIY Fabric Hammock Chair are wonderful craft ideas that you can implement and create a beautiful chair to relax and rest your feet on. Fabric hammock chairs are uniquely different from ordinary hammocks as they give you the chance to sit upright but still allowing you all the support and comfort that you gain from a normal hammock. Let’s make this thing!


  • Start by cutting 40/80 inches length of fabric into half and get two square inches of fabric that are 40/40 inches wide.
  • Fold all the raw edges of the two squares of the fabric and form a quarter inch double seam. Either use a sewing machine or hand to saw a stitch that is straight.
  • Saw the 2 halves together alongside one side of the edge by making use of the double stitch. Now fold the same seam over and again saw it down using two stitches to strengthen the join. The two halves you will have made will represent both the seat and the back of the hammock.

 Next Step

  • Place 3 eyelets on each side of the seat and the back starting from the seam that is at the outer side. Carefully press the eyelets together. This will attach them on the sides of the hammock chair. You now have ample room to cut out the fabric from the eyelets insides using a pair of strong scissors.
  • Use a drill to create a pilot hole that is sizeable enough to fit the bolts of the eyelet. They should be two inches through every end of a forty five inch long piece of three inch dowel-diameter. Now great a screw driver and tightly screw in the eye bolts and secure them into position using nuts and washers.
  • Cautiously cut off a length of strong rope (non-stretch) in to twelve pieces which are three yards longer than the actual height of where the hammock chair will hang from.
  • Tie a tight knot on every end every piece of rope and now thread the other end of every other piece of rope via an eyelet on the hammock chair. Please see to it that the knots fall at the fabric’s backside.
  • The six rope lengths which you have threaded should now be tied through the eye bolts on the hammock chair’s seat on to the eye bolts securing them on the dowel at thirty six inches up above the seat of the hammock.

Final Steps

  • Now you should tie the 1st 2 ropes one on every side of the hammock chair’s back onto the eye bolts at a distance of 30 inches up from the back of the hammock’s chair. Tie the next 2 at precisely twenty four inches at the reminder 2 eighteen inches up. This process will make the back of the hammock’s chair have an incline.
  • Braid the rope’s loose ends on either side of the hanging beam of the dowel.
  • Use a power drill to make a hole for 2 three inches swivel eye bolts straight through a strong beam porch or through the branch of a tree which is approximately forty five inches apart.
  • Use a screw to drivel in the swivel eye bolts and secure it into place with washers and nuts.
  • End the process by tying the braided rope ends on the swivel eye bolt and make sure that the chair remains hanging at a height that is convenient. Enjoy!!!

 Fabric Hammock Chair Praktic Ideas

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