Tips on How to Survive A Heart Attack When You Are Alone

What if you were alone somewhere, perhaps in your car going home or jogging around the block and suddenly felt a heart attack coming and you were all alone. What can you do? What is the thing that will make you survive? To make sure that you are a step ahead and prepared for the worst should it happen, we’ve listed a few tips that will help you survive a heart attack. First of all, to know if you are suffering from a heart attack, you’ll need to identify and recognize symptoms pertaining to heart attack. Below are the most common symptoms associated with heart attack:

Severe Chest Pain – The pain attacks you in a pressing, squeezing or heaving manner.  The attack hits either at the central or left part of the chest and the pain will last for at-least 20 minutes. The pain may as well move to the upper arm, jaw or the neck.

Sweating Profusely and Imminent Disaster Feeling – This is a common symptom witnessed on over 90% of people that suffer from a heart attack. As the sufferer sweats profusely, you will experience episodes of mild chest pain, vomiting, nausea and excessive pain in the upper portion of the abdomen (The Epigastric Region).

Should you suffer from a heart attack when you are alone, the first thing to do is call for emergency medical help immediately. There is need to get fast and quality treatment for the purposes of saving your heart muscle. If you get an attack, you should stop what you are doing and crawl to a safe place if you can and rest as you await medical help.

Aspirin – If you have a bottle of aspirin within your vicinity pop a pill. Studies suggest that aspirin which is the most common blood thinning medication across the globe once consumed during a heart attack, chances of survival are improved drastically.

Take deep breaths and coughing – If you suffer from a heart attack when you are alone, you heart starts beating improperly and slowly you will start fainting. During a heart attack you will last up to ten seconds before losing consciousness completely. However, should you suffer through such a predicament; you can save yourself by coughing repeatedly and very vigorously. Before you cough, swallow a deep breathe, make sure the cough is deep and prolonged. A deep breathe and a cough must be repeated every two seconds till the time help will arrive or until the time when the heart will start beating normally again. Taking in deep breathes will help you get oxygen into the lungs while coughing movements literary squeeze the heart and your blood will keep on circulating. The squeezing pressure on the heart helps it quickly get back to its normal rhythm. This process will keep you alive till when you get to hospital or medical help arrives.



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