Top 5 Design Trends For 2015

Each New Year comes with a list of new design trends. 2015 is no exception and comes with its own challenges when it comes to home design. Here are the top 5 design trends for 2015.

Gold and Copper. These are on the list of design trends for 2015 in fact a return that has been present a while ago. Golden bright with elegant details and sophisticated and also copper with modern accents. You can not combine gold and copper, but you can choose either one of these two metallic colors to bring to life your living room, kitchen or bedroom. Do not forget about silver and other metallic colors, or the metal accents in design trends for 2015.


Photo Credit: Gold And Copper

Leather. Leather is one of the most important element when it comes to design trends for next year. In fact, leather has always been on the rise, but 2015 is top of the list when it comes to design trends. The difference is that leather won’t be found only in sofas but also in pillows, rugs, blankets and even as decor details.


Photo Courtesy: Leather

Wallpaper. Wallpaper in all shapes, patterns and shades returns as a big design trend. Another awesome trend for 2015 when it comes to wallpaper will be all digital prints. The challenge is extremely tonic because digital prints are a boon to the home decor.


Photo Credit: Wallpaper

Blue – The Accent Color. Although “marsala” is the color of 2015, the accent color that will rule in 2015 is blue. Blue is the most popular accent color and was not chosen randomly but because it is a perfect complement to “Marsala”. On the trend list of colors for 2015 is also indigo, navy and blue liquid, all natural shades which tame the profound passion that brings “Marsala”.


Photo Courtesy: Blue – The Accent Color

Vintage Elements. One of the notes that will define 2015 and is also listed on the design trends list for 2015 are the old decor elements. They make good house modernism and will put each other in value. Enjoy!!!


Photo Credit: Vintage Elements


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