What Is An Triolife Plant Pyramid?!

Do you fancy to have a garden at home? Well as they say necessity is the mother of inventions and there are DIY home ideas that you can use to create a beautiful garden with the plants you want and occupying very minimal space! Read on to know how this magical sounding like craft ideas can be done by anyone willing to do the kind of activity on their own.

What is Triolife Plant Pyramid? – This is a new concept and part of fun projects to do at home that allows you to create a garden and cultivate any type of garden in a limited space. You must be wondering how this is possible, right? The plants are grown vertically in a garden that looks more like a staircase but functions just like any normal garden!

Why is Triolife Plant Pyramid Fun? – For starters, its design is patented and the way the structure of the garden is made makes it possible for the garden’s root system to take advantage of the large volume of soil deposit which guarantees that all the plants you sow into your garden will grow to their maximum height/depth. Besides unlike the normal types and shapes of gardens on the ground, with this new age garden technique, you are able to point the structure (corner) towards the northern direction, the sunlight will penetrate to all the angles and sides of the Triolife structure ensuring that your plants get the necessary sunlight warmth they need to grow in a healthy way.

What about the Triolife Plant Pyramid Design? – The Triolife plant pyramid design is a free standing vertical garden that is quite practical and perfect for individuals and families that lead an urban lifestyle and a family or individual that is into city gardening. With this type of design that takes up very minimal space you are able to grow plants such as: veggies, ornamental flowers and many other types of plants in almost any position of your home. The beauty of all of this is that you do not require to have special tools to assemble the pyramid structure. What’s even more, with the simple design instructions you will spend a maximum of five minutes to create the structure! Enjoy!!!

Note: Every Triolife plant pyramid structure is created from high quality western red cedar. This type of wood not only beautifies your plant pyramid but also makes it remain durable for ages to come…





Triolife Plant Pyramid...

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