Turn An Old Door Into A Coat Rack / Photo Frame

Are you looking for fun art projects to improve the interior design of your house and impress your guests right from when they step foot into your home? Below are wonderful DIY Ideas that will help you do exactly that. By using the below mentioned steps, you’ll be able to create interesting things such as turning your door into wonderful coat rack combined with a photo frame. These useful ideas are a result of craft projects that you can do by yourself and beautify your home. These are wonderful craft ideas for entry hallways and practik ideas that will allow you to formulate an elegant medium for photos… Let’s bring this project to life!

 Materials needed:  Paper Towels / A French Door / Screws / Scrubbing Brush / Several Metal coat hooks (decorative) / Scrapper / Transparent Tape / Paint remover / Paint / Steel Wool / Bristled Paint Brush / Wood Stain.

Instructions: Start off the project by refreshing the door. Next apply the paint remover. Use the bristled brush on the door for forty minutes. Allow the project to take a breather for another forty minutes. Next scrub off the old stain using the scrubbing brush. You can use a scrapper in the gentlest form possible and effectively eliminate all the paint remover. Use the steel wool, wet it and use it for scrubbing away all residue and use paper towels to dry the door. Allow it to dry for twenty minutes. Start the process of applying stain, if not, apply your preferred color in the grains direction. You can now drill the hooks for hanging coats on the sides. Before drilling, ensure that the door is clean and you have removed all the knobs on its surface. You can now pick your favorite quotes and photos and use the transparent tape to stick the photos behind the glass. Use the drill/screw driver to screw the doors on the wall. The project is now ready! Enjoy!!!



Door Into Coat Rack and Photo Frame Tutoria

Photo Courtesy: Requesting Your Presence


Photo Courtesy: http://www.photogmommie.com

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