Turn An Old Dresser Into A New Bench – DIY

If you love doing fun DIY projects, then this article is for you. Do you have an old dresser with drawers that is just sitting pretty and taking up all the space in the garage? Are you thinking of giving it or tossing it away? Or worse, are you thing of chopping it up and using it as firewood for your next outdoor camping trip? Well before you do all of that, hold your horses and listen for a minute. Before you think of the unimaginable, there are plenty of practical ideas to reuse your old dresser. Turn your dresser into re-purposeful furniture.

Start by taking off the hardwood top together with the top sections of drawers. On the bottom set of drawers that remain open, you can add a piece of hardwood or thick plywood top and use pieces of wood that you had taken off the drawer and fix them on the side of the top to reinforce it. Make sure that the plywood top you put on is ¾ inches thick. This will help you build a strong top that will not cave in when sat on. The next step is adding a 1 x 4 laid flat on the back center which should run from the underside of the plywood all the way down to the ground. This helps in the weight distribution when weight is inserted on the bench.

If you wish your bench to standout you can look for crystal pulls that will cost you less than $4 at any antique store that is near you. Now seal the original hardware holes if they are not correctly positioned and drill in new holes that will fit the crystal balls you bought perfectly. Now place soft but strong fiber or foam across the inside top of the bench. This adds comfort and on the seating space glue in high density foam or fiber that will hold. Take two throw pillows and place on either side of the bench. Your DIY project will be complete and you can now place your new couch on the porch or on the entrance hall! Enjoy!!!



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