Unique Christmas Decorations Made From Toilet Paper Rolls


Make unique and original Christmas decorations using recycled material. Be the one that has an original Christmas tree or decorations around the house with our next DIY idea: use toilet paper rolls to make unique Christmas decorations. First we will make a little toilet paper roll snowman. The materials that you will need are: white paper or white paint spray, black and orange marker, paper strips for the hat and the scarf (any color you prefer), glue and the most important toilet paper rolls. Start by painting the toilet paper roll with white spray paint or cover it with glue and wrap white paper around the roll. Take the paper strips for the hat and the gun and glue them to the paper roll. Using the orange marker draw the snowman nose and using the black one draw the eyes, mouth and the buttons. And your toilet paper roll snowman is all done. To make Christmas Carolers out of toilet paper rolls  you will need the following materials: toilet paper rolls, spray paint, blue paint marker, little pieces of paper so you can make the carolers mittens and little baby socks so you can make the carolers hats. Start by painting the paper rolls with spray paint (which color you prefer). Cut an oval shape and cover the pat where you want the face to be so the face will have an natural color. Using the paint marker draw the eyes, nose, mouth. Make the little mittens and glue them on the paper rolls. To make the hats cut the bottom part of the baby socks and use some yarn to tie. And your Christmas carolers are done. You can also get inspired from the pictures bellow to make other Christmas decoration using toilet paper rolls. Happy Christmas!!!



Photo Credit: http://crafting.squidoo.com



Photo Credit: http://crunchydomesticgoddess.com

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