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There are a lot of people who know for sure that making latte art is something that is special. Latter art is defined as patterns created in foam topping espresso drinks. This is an art form that requires several years to master skillfully. Below is a procedure that can help you get started.

 Creating the Perfect Foam – Begin with pouring enough milk (cold) in the steam pitcher for a single cup. Proceed and place the pitcher in the freezer. The reason being a cold pitcher helps you have more time to steam your milk and minimize scalding chances. To create foam that is on point, please have a liquid thermometer on standby. The thermometer will give you the precise time to remove milk from the steamer in time before any scalding happens. Now proceed and place the steam wand on the pitcher bottom. Proceed and switch on the steam and in slow moves raise the wand till when it reaches just close to the top of the milk. When the milk starts to rise, now lower the pitcher and see to it that the steam wand stays at a steady 1 cm away from the milk top. See to it that the milk hasn’t stretched enough and avoid any formation of big bubbles. This move sees the creation of milk that has a smooth and velvet like feel. Let the milk boil up to (37 º C). Now place the steam wand on to the pitcher’s side, deep in the milk and position the pitcher in a way it will spin counterclockwise. Still with the steam wand placed near the pitcher’s bottom, gently spin the milk counter-clockwise. Continue doing this procedure till time when the milk will heat up to 65 º C to 68 º C. The highest hotness level the foamed milk should reach is 71 º C. After having foamed the milk, take between 9-10 grams of ground espresso, this is for every espresso shot. Tamp it down by using between 35 to 45 lbs of pressure on the porta-filer. Next make use of a burr grinder for purposes of achieving extra freshness.

 Pouring Milk for Espresso Art – To form the art pattern you desire, pour the milk at-least an inch away from the bottom. For a leaf design, gently rock the pitcher back and forth as you pull it backwards. The flower design moves forward and it will fill up the cup. If you are trying to do a heart pattern, begin with the milk pitcher that is close to the top of the mug and now pour in a little more milk at the same place. Slowly lift up the pitcher an inch up and pour in a circle revolution. Just see to it that you only move the pitcher and not the mug. Now hold the milk steam at the same place, however, jiggle the milk pitcher back and forth as if you are making a ringed circle. After you near pouring the milk completely, you can swing the milk up and successfully create the end bottom of the heart shape. Enjoy!!




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