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The most impressive houses always carries the mark of an architect. While some houses amaze with style, harmony and refinement, other projects shock with their appearance and sometimes through the story behind the building. You can find bellow some of  the most bizarre houses in the United States.

1. Hammargren Property – Situated in Las Vegas, Nevada and over 4.000 square meters the property includes three houses where you can find very strange collection pieces: a Batmobil, a dinosaur skeleton, a Venetian gondola and a capsule which was in space.
All three houses are inspired by the Mayan culture, but are different: one is shaped like a Mayan pyramid and it is use as planetarium, the other is a replica of a house in Uxmal Mayan, and the third is in the style of “Mayan Renaissance”.



2.Bioscleave Villa
 – Situated in East Hampton, New York this house has an area of 343 square meters: three bedrooms and two bathrooms and it was estimated at a price of 4 millions dollars.  This house was built in order to confuse and unbalance residents . The house was built by architect Frank Lloyd Wright principles and comes with instructions.



3. Coral Castle
 – You can find the Coral Castle in Miami, Florida. Ed Leedskalnin spent 28 years working alone in the building, started in the ’20s. Born in Riga, capital of Latvia, Leedskalnin moved to Florida after being dumped by his girlfriend before the wedding. Coral Castle is dedicated to her, and in its construction were used 1,100 tons of coral, transport of the “materials” remains to this day a mystery.




4. Mystery Castle – 
If you want to visit the Mystery Castle you can find it in Phoenix, Arizona. The building has 743 square meters and it is placed in three levels. The building was built by Boyce Luther Gulley in the ’30s. After being diagnosed with tuberculosis, Gulley left his family and moved to Phoenix, where he began building a house for his daughter. But he lived longer than expected, so he spent 15 years building the house with 18 rooms, cheap and strange materials.




5. The Castle from the Golf – 
Located across San Francisco Bay, Albion Castle is a historic, recently restored with “old” furniture, stone fireplace and wood. The property includes a tower, the ruins of a former brewery that operated between 1870 and 1919, and a mineral spring, whose operating as enter into the purchase price. The castle has 133 square meters with four bedrooms and two bathrooms and it is evaluated at a price of 1.5 million dollars.



6.”Earthship“ House – 
Earthship homes are a remnant of hippie culture, although the ’70s were extremely popular among followers of this lifestyle. Mike Reynolds is the man who invented this “green” building before most people knew more about the concept of environmentalism: construction materials are recycled, the bath uses a system of rainwater collection, doors and windows are placed so that the illumination and ventilation take place naturally. For visiting you can find the house in Columbus, New Mexico it has only 18 square meters and a small price of 55 thousand dollars.



earthship_biotecture 4




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