Use Baking Soda To Clean Your Glass Cooktop

If you think about buying a glass cooktop because it is much easier to clean it thanks to the smooth surface, I can tell you that it’s not!!! In the end it will look yucky with a lot of “fossilized” grease on it. But do not worry!! We have found on “Behind The Studio” blog the perfect DIY solution: baking soda to clean your glass cooktop. This DIY idea will help you get rid of yucky grease from your glass cooktop in no time.

You will need the following materials: a bowl, water (hot soapy), baking soda, a rag or a cotton kitchen towel and also a pair of gloves to protect your hands.

Follow the instructions: Take the bowl and prepare the hot soapy water. You can use dish soap. Take the rag / kitchen towel and put it in the soapy water. Take the baking soda and put it all over your glass cooktop. Don’t be shy and use a lot of it!!! Take the rag / towel out from the bowl and squeeze it half way (leave some water in it). Put it over the baking soda. Leave it there for approx. 15 minutes or more depending on how bad the grease took over your glass cooktop. Take the towel and swirl it around in circles. You will see how the baking soda is acting like a scrub. Now all you have to do is to dry and shine the place using a clean towel. Enjoy!!!




Photo Credit: http://behindthestudio.com/

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