Use Lemon To Clean Different Things In Your Home

Want to clean different things in your home without using different cleaners or disinfectants that contain chemicals?! Then lemon is your answer! Yes…. lemon…. a natural replacement for all those chemicals. Lemon contains citric acid and thanks to that your wood or fabric won’t get damaged if you use lemon on them. Bellow you can discover different DIY ideas to clean things in your home using lemon juice.

a. You can clean brass plated things but you have to be careful so that the lemon juice won’t harm the brass material. Before you start cleaning use a small area to test the lemon juice and its effect.

b. Clean the dirt from dishes and also copper pots using lemon juice.

c. Mixing salt with the lemon juice in a little spray bottle you can clean the chrome decorations from your car. Using lemon juice and an toothbrush you can scrub the grout.

d. Make your microwave smell clean and fresh using a cup of water and some lemon juice. Put a safe bowl with the magic mixture in the microwave and turn it on leaving the bowl inside until the mixture starts to boil. Turn of the microwave and leave the bowl inside for another 10 minutes. Use a clean kitchen towel or a cloth and wipe also the inside of the microwave.

e. Use lemon juice also on counter tops.

f. Sanitize and “freshen” your garbage disposal using a gallon of hot, hot water and the juice from three lemons.

g. If you want to make your dish soap more efficient in removing grease, all you have to do is to add some lemon drops in the dish soap container.

h. Make your refrigerator smell fresh by washing it using water and lemon juice.


There are also so many other ways to use lemon juice to freshen and clean your home. Enjoy!!!


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